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Tips To Get You Back In Shape This Summer

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New moms often struggle to find any time for themselves. Between what seems like constant feeding, changing and washing, exercise is the last thing on your mind. Yet, getting back into shape is not about maintaining a perfect physique but keeping your energy and fitness levels on par with the increased demands of your new mommy life.

Skechers, the globally trusted brand behind Skechers GOwalk 3 walking shoes, believes that a few minutes of focused walking in a week can be a game changer for a new mom that may be descending into burnout or post-baby blues:

Get moving when you can – You don’t need to belong to a gym, you don’t need to fit in with a schedule of classes, and you don’t need a completely new wardrobe to get started. You can pick up your house keys, put on your walking shoes, and get out there, whenever it suits you. If you’re a working mom, take your walking break during your lunch hour – you’ll be extra-refreshed and alert when you return to your desk.

A few minutes is all you need – You don’t need to be out walking for hours. A 30 minute brisk walk five days a week will help you lose weight, boost your fitness and strengthen your heart. If 30 minutes sounds like a long time, start with 10 minutes, and build up to longer time frames over a week or two.

Find a space that relaxes you – Walking in a park or green space can help reduce depression and raise self-esteem, especially when you’ve spent your maternity leave serving the needs of another at the expense of your own.

Don’t forget your tummy – You’ll get the best results if you tighten your tummy muscles while you’re walking. This will help you walk up straight, and help your breathing too.

Walking isn’t just about your legs – It’s about your arms too! Swinging them as you walk tones the muscles in your arms, shoulders and upper back, and while you may not get Obamarms just from walking, it’ll be a good start…

Invest in proper walking shoes – When you’re trying them on make sure that your toes have room to wiggle and that your heels don’t slip. Choose a shoe that’s lightweight and flexible too.

Track your progress – You can choose an app on your mobile phone. You’ll be able to track your distance covered as well as your time, and you can set new goals for yourself too.

Check if walking saves you money – Many medical aids offer loyalty points for tracking your activity with a pedometer, so chances are you could save yourself some money through the discounts they offer as a reward for investing in your health.

Keep things interesting – Walk different routes every day. Ringing the changes will also mean that you don’t make yourself vulnerable to criminal elements who monitor your movements.

Vary your pace too and the landscape – Hills may seem daunting, but they’ll work your glutes and burn more calories, while sprint walking between landmarks will add to variety and alleviate boredom too.

Find a friend to walk with – If you’re feeling isolated, walking time could be a great way to catch up with your partner or close friend without any other distractions.

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