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Tips to express more breast milk

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There are so many reasons why moms may choose to express. For some, it is a way to include dad and other family members in the feeding routine. For others it ensures baby receives the goodness that breast milk has to offer while being away from their baby, like when they have to return to work. And for other moms, baby might not latch on to the breast, and by expressing, they can ensure baby receives the goodness of breast milk, even if they are not able to breastfeed. 

Whatever your reason, expressing should be a comfortable and rewarding experience. 

Here are a couple of tips to maximise your milk flow when expressing:

If possible, pick a quiet time and a quiet room in which to express. Before you begin, take a few deep breaths and sit comfortably. Stress may hinder your milk from coming in, so it’s important to pick a time where you are not rushed or feeling anxious.

Hearing a baby, or thinking about your baby, acts as a stimulant for your milk to come in, also known as the “letdown reflex”. When you sit down to express, think of your baby. It may even help to keep one of his toys or a piece of clothing with you. 

Some moms find that gently massaging their breasts for a few minutes before they begin expressing helps to get the milk flowing. Top tip: gently stroke your breasts downwards towards the nipple to stimulate the letdown reflex. 

Not everyone is the same, and you’ll find a time of day that works best for you, but for many women, first thing in the morning is a practical time as their breasts feel full when they wake up.

Warmth increases blood flow to your breasts, which should make expressing easier. Before you express, have a warm shower or bath or apply a warm towel or hot pack to your breasts.

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