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Tips for starting your new job on the right foot

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After months of searching for the perfect role, you’ve hit the jackpot and are amped for starting your new job. But this isn’t where your journey ends. In fact, this is where you’ll set the stage for long-term success. You have loads to learn and even more to prove. Here are some of the most important things you need to do when starting a new job!

Get to know the players

It’ll take a while to settle into your new role, but while you ease into things, start exploring the inner workings of the company machine. Who is in charge, and who holds the most prominent titles? It’s essential to figure out who to keep at arm’s length and who your potential allies could be.

Dig into the company culture

Understanding company culture is super important for anyone starting a new job. You need to understand how the organisation operates and what the management and leadership styles within the business look like. When you know how and why your boss leads, you’ll have the foundation for a good working relationship with him or her.

Do not engage in water cooler drama

Making friends with or just getting along with your colleagues is essential, as long as you don’t get dragged into gossip and office drama. If you happen to hear anything about the receptionist, treat the information as if it is private. Nobody wants to be caught with their hand in the gossip jar.

Schedule your 6-month review

Make a schedule of what you’d like to achieve and by when and keep on checking in on your own performance. This tactic will ensure that when your 6-month review does come up, you’ll already be ahead of the game.

Final thoughts

Starting a new job can be an exciting time in young professionals’ lives, but just because you finally landed a job doesn’t mean you need to stop putting in the effort. What you do during the first six months of your first job will ultimately be what sets the stage for the future of your career!

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