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Tips For Pumping On the Road

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If you are a pumping mother, and are planning a trip in the near future, you simply must read on below. This blog is dedicated to helping all travelling moms survive a long distance road trip. Get ready for the journey of your life with our help now!

Plan Ahead

Firstly, you need to consider whether you will need to stop or if you can pump on the go. Some moms may be able to express in their car – obviously only if they are a passenger. however, if you need to feed your baby, we strongly advise against feeding whilst in a moving vehicle. 

So, if pumping whilst in the car is not a viable option for you, you will need to plan your trip accordingly. Know which stopping stations will coincide with your pumping schedule. This is important as you do not want to interrupt either your pumping or feeding times. Therefore, plan out your trip, make note of what times you will need to express or feed and ensure there is a good stopping station somewhere in that period.

Ensure You Have The Right Equipment

When traveling, you will need to ensure you have three things to pump successfully:

  1. A portable pump: a breast pump such as the Medela Mini Electric is great for travel. It is small enough to fit into a handbag and is light weight. 
  2. Cleaning Supplies: you will need either sterilization spray or cleaning wipes to help you clean your pump on the go.
  3. Storage Supplies: these are essential. You will need two sets of storage supplies:
  4. Storage for your milk: you will need either transportable milk bottles of something like the Medela storage bags
  5. Storage for the stored milk: here you will need a cooler bag. You will need to keep your milk chilled until you reach a fridge. Whilst milk can survive at room temperature for a few hours, it is not wise to risk this whilst travelling in a hot car.
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