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Tips For Flying Whilst Breastfeeding

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With the Easter holidays having come and gone, many South Africans may have utilized that time for a much needed break. If you found yourself flying, but had no idea how to handle your breast pumping schedule with that, this is then the blog for you! We will take a look at a few key pointers to keep in mind when flying as a breast feeding mom. 

Before You Set Off

  • Know Your Rights: read up on what you’re allowed to carry on whilst flying. As a rule, you should be allowed to transport over the standard 100ml of breastmilk.
  • Get In Touch: contact the airline with whom you will be flying and let them know you are a breastfeeding mother. They may even make special arrangements for you to ensure your pumping or feeding on the flight is made easier. Furthermore, they may be able to give you tips on flying and breastfeeding.
  • Pre-arrangements: If you will be staying in a hotel, ensure that your room comes equipped with a fridge. You will need this to store your pre-pumped milk. 

Whilst At The Airport

  • If You’re Travelling With Your Milk: if you have already pre-pumped your milk, and intend on travelling with it, declare It at the security station and agree to let it be inspected.
  • Not Allowed: Please note, not security office may taste your milk, they can ask you to remove the lid of your storage bottle or open the storage bag. 
  • Travelling With Your Pump: if you are travelling with your pump, you may take this with you on-board and stow it in the usual hand luggage section. 

Now That You Know How To Get Around Flying Whilst Breastfeeding

No that you have your guide to flying whilst breastfeeding, you’re ready to take flight! Having a portable pump such as the Medela Mini Electric, can make pumping whilst traveling that much easier for you.

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