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Tips For Choosing A Family Car

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Buying a car when you are young, single and have just started working is very different to when you are trying to buy a car for a family. Your needs as a new couple are not the same as they are when you start having children, suddenly safety is more important than speed, space is more important that style.

It can be confusing trying to choose a family car because you aren’t always sure what you need to look for. We have a few tips that can make the hunt for a new family car easier.

Check the safety features. Safety becomes of utmost importance when you are transporting your children. Make sure you check if there are safety belts on all the seats, that the back seat is safe for a car chair.

Size does count.  Whether you decide to only have one child or a rugby team, children take up space. Take this into account when you are looking at cars. If possible take your pram with to see how easily you can get it into the boot and how much space it takes up. Consider things like going on holidays, lifting friends, additional sports bags and how many car chairs you will need to have at one time. A car may say 5 seats but with car chairs in it suddenly becomes a 4 seater.  Sometimes the 7th seat is in the boot taking away boot space.

Is it a wanted car? While we don’t want to have to think about being hijacked, it should be a consideration. Try to steer clear of cars that are high on the hijacking list, it may mean you don’t have the coolest car in the parking lot but it will be worth it.

Consider your needs. How many children do you want? Will you have two car chairs at the same time? Do you go away in your car a lot? Do you need to transport bicycles? These things will all play a part in the size and type of car you buy.

Take it for a test drive. If you are going to be the primary driver, test drive it, parks it, make sure you are comfortable driving it especially if it is on the bigger size.

Buying a family car can feel like an overwhelming decision but it really doesn’t have to be. Do not rush into the decision, take your time, consider all your needs and requirements and do not settle for anything less than that, no matter how hard the salesman may try to convince you otherwise.

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