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Three reasons why you really should print your photos

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Epson, a renowned manufacturer of printing and visual imaging solutions, ran a survey on social media to find out more about people’s printing habits in the digital era as part of its campaign, #WishIdPrintedIt. Nearly half of the respondents (48%) said that they store their photographs on their smartphones, and a staggering 89% admitted to losing their photographs because they had had their phone stolen, their hard drive crashed, or they’d run out of digital storage space.

“Epson’s #WishIdPrintedIt campaign highlights the importance of capturing your most treasured memories and putting them in tangible photograph form. We realised that, while digital is easy, so many people forget how precious it is to have real life, tangible photographs of your memories around your home, and how holding an actual photograph from a special occasion reminds you of a special moment or a loved one in ways that no digital image can,” says Timothy Thomas, consumer sales manager at Epson South Africa.

There are many moments in life where you’re likely to find yourself wishing you’d printed your photos instead of storing them on your phone or on social media. Here are three reasons why you should print your photographs.

Keep your memories safely stored

Technology is not fool-proof: laptops and hard drives sometimes fail us. There are countless online forums with stories of people losing wedding and other priceless photos because they were accidentally deleted. There is also no guarantee that today’s computers will be able to read your photos in the future, unless you constantly download updates and modernise your digital archives. According to the #WishIdPrintedIt campaign survey, most people store between 1,000 and 4,999 unprinted photos on social media accounts, smartphones and cameras. It would be heart-breaking to lose all these precious memories in a digital drama, so print your photographs to avoid the hassle and heartache.

Bring your memories to life

There’s simply no substitute for a printed photo when it comes to immortalising life’s treasured memories. And while the exponential growth of smart phones and mobile technology over the last decade has meant a huge rise in photos being taken, many have become dependent on social media platforms to house and display their memories. This is confirmed in the survey results, in which the majority of people say that if anyone was looking for photos of them many years from now, they would likely find them on social media (45%).

Why not surround yourself with those memories instead of leaving them to ‘collect dust’ in digital storage space? Picture frames are a great décor item for around the house, and by printing and organising your photographs into albums you can ensure easy access to your precious memories for years to come.

Get in touch with your emotions

Sometimes the people we love live far away or have passed on, and the feeling of not being able to see them or be reminded of the great memories we shared with them becomes overwhelming. Holding a high-quality print in your hands is so much more satisfying than seeing your photograph on a screen. It’s a tangible reminder of a memory you shared with someone special in your life, and a great way to bring you a smile when you need it.

Social media and digital storage have their place, but they don’t hold a candle to the feeling of holding a printed image in your hands. Epson’s #WishIdPrintedIt campaign reminds you to save all the photos banished to dusty depths of digital storage. With the help of the EcoTank L1760 photo printer, Epson’s latest addition to the innovative EcoTank range, you can print up to 1,500 high-quality, borderless photos in the comfort of your own home.


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