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This holiday don’t let periods cramp your style

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The festive season is upon us and for some moms this could be a period where you have just given birth and you are slowly getting back into your menstrual cycle and routine again. There is no perfect preparation, but there are great support options that include herbal extracts to take care of common issues such as primary dysmenorrhea (extreme period pain) and menorrhagia (heavy menstrual bleeding) with minimal to no side effects. The Salome product range is locally manufactured by South African pharmaceutical company 3Sixty Biomedicine and offers over the counter treatment options to help manage heavy menstrual bleeding and menstrual pain and is based on herbal extracts. The efficacy of natural ingredients included in their products is backed by science and medical studies, which is why their products are also recognized and reimbursed by certain medical aids.

The Salome team works with health practitioners and experts to bring awareness and clearly differentiate what is deemed a healthy menstrual cycle and what is not in an effort to educate females of all ages on common women’s health conditions that can and should be treated. They believe that #yourjourneymatters and no one should have to sacrifice a good quality of life due to common but treatable health conditions that tend to cramp your style, which is why employing a proactive approach in getting an early diagnosis and identifying treatment solutions is key.

Is menstrual pain considered a medical condition? 

Primary dysmenorrhea, the technical term for period pain without the presence of other conditions such as endometriosis, is the most common gynaecologic problem in women of all ages and races with the menstrual cramping being severe enough to interfere with daily activities, according to the American Academy of Family Physicians. Salome Menstrual Pain is a product based on herbal extracts of yarrow (Achillea millefolium) which has antispasmodic, anti-inflammatory & analgesic effects, which may provide relief for spasm associated with menstrual periods. 

What is great about Salome Menstrual Pain is because it contains natural ingredients, even teenagers who suffer from menstrual pain can use it to manage painful menstrual cramping without worrying about unwanted side-effects.

Developing good eating habits and a consistent exercise routine even while you are on holiday is also a great way to help manage this condition. 

A holiday myth busted about what you can do when you have your period

Menorrhagia, the technical term for heavy menstrual flow and prolonged bleeding, or having your period in general should not stop you from swimming over the holidays. In fact, it’s believed that swimming and exercising in general can actually help keep you cool and release endorphins which are nature’s pain reliever. Also taking a leaf from mother nature’s book, is the Salome Heavy Menstrual Bleeding product that helps alleviate this condition by drawing on herbal extracts from Capsella Bursa-Pastoris, a medicinal plant also known as Shepherd’s purse. This active ingredient assists with the reduction of heavy menstrual bleeding in women with regular menstrual cycles. The medicinal benefits of this plant have been scientifically proven to have smooth muscle stimulant effects and as an added bonus, Capsella has antioxidant features that improve uterine tone, meaning that it will facilitate the regulation of menstrual blood flow. Salome Heavy Menstrual Bleeding also has anti-inflammatory properties that can have a positive impact on the management of heavy menstrual bleeding.

The full Salome range that contains natural ingredients is available online at and, as well as over the counter at most pharmacies nationwide. 

We hope you enjoy the upcoming festive season and holidays and make sure to follow the Salome range on their social media pages to hear from Salome experts about common women’s health conditions and how best to manage these – no matter what time of year or stage of life you’re in. 

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