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These simple habits will change the way you parent (in a good way!)

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Being a good parent is far simpler than we think…

As moms, we’re determined to get it right… and, by ‘it’, we mean parenting.

We bend over backwards each day, only to lie awake at night wondering, “Was I a good enough mom today?” We’re constantly looking for ways to be better and to make our children happier.

What we don’t realise, though, is that being a good parent is far simpler than we think.

Here are five simple habits that can change the way you parent – in a good way:

1. Smile!

A good mood is infectious – which means if you’re smiling, your children will, no doubt, be smiling too.

So, make an effort to be happy, even if you’re not. Greet your child with a smile in the morning and meet theirs throughout the day!

2. Tone it down

In the heat of the moment, it’s easy for things to escalate and before you know it, you’re screaming, they’re screaming and it’s chaos!

FYI: Nothing good can come from raising your voice.

Communicating with your kids in a calm and steady tone (even if you feel like flipping your lid) will nine times out of 10 diffuse the situation and lead to a more productive outcome.

3. Say what you mean…

… in other words, don’t beat around the bush. Be direct in your requests and expectations when speaking to your kids. This will minimise any potential for misunderstanding.

4. Ask for help

Moms are notorious for not asking for help. We’d much rather pass out from exhaustion in the supermarket than admit that we just can’t do it all. But, here’s the thing…

We can’t.

Asking for help doesn’t make us a bad parent. In fact, it makes us better, more efficient and overall, more present.

Remember, it takes a village… and the people who are part of your village most likely wantto help. So, don’t be afraid to ask.

5. Celebrate your kids for who they are

We’re often so focused on who we want our kids to be, that we forget to celebrate them for who they actually are.

You’ll find it easier to enjoy your kids if you focus on their strengths, uniqueness and the things that they do right, instead of nitpicking about their weaknesses and every little thing that they do wrong.


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