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The Wonderful New way of Learning

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Traditional approaches to education are no longer relevant in the era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. With the pace of change accelerating in the 21st century, a key requirement to thrive is lifelong learning and the ability to acquire new skills quickly. 

How can “learning to learn” and the ability to be continually reinventing oneself be fostered in children from a young age? It starts with recognizing that the world is changing faster than ever before. To prepare children for the future, parents need to be forward-looking and re-access the type of education that your child needs in this day and age. In today’s world of artificial intelligence, robotics, and the Fourth Industrial Revolution, you must prepare children for uncertainty and promote agility and adaptability. This requires a reorientation from early childhood education through to university. 

It means encouraging flexibility rather than specialization. Parents and children need to completely reimagine education. Instead of learning to memorize facts and figures, students need to “learn how to learn” and how to solve problems. They should be allowed to learn independently, which means that changes are needed at every level. We must infuse things like entrepreneurship into the curriculum because with the disruption we are experiencing in society, many individuals will need to be able to create their own jobs. 

We may end up in a world in which people are more likely to be autonomous contractors rather than having a secure job that lasts for a lifetime as our parents and grandparents had. We need to completely reframe the system of education based on where the world is going, instead of repeating the same failing patterns that are no longer applicable in the new world we are living in. 

Education has always been seen as merely the first twelve to fifteen years of your childhood, It needs to be re-identified as a lifelong opportunity, as we truly never stop learning. Working on projects for real organizations, going out into your community, and understanding real-life challenges that people are facing helps you to shape your learning into experiences that you will benefit from throughout your life. These experiences cannot be learned from a textbook but rather by looking at the world head-on.

Education has historically been what one can call “Just in case education”, which gives you all kinds of facts and figures just in case it may become relevant to you. But today what we need is “just in time education,” which has three main characteristics: 

It never stops. Education is lifelong, we always hold the opportunity to learn. It is focused on learning how to learn and learning how to solve problems. You learn independently outside of the traditional classroom, you learn from projects, from playing, from mentors, from experiments, and in a variety of other ways. 

Instead of giving students a menu of academic disciplines, we should rather present them with a menu of problems and challenges that the world is facing. So, when we ask students to declare a mission and not a major, we are saying: “Pick a problem you want to solve and build your learning around that.” It is about giving a purpose to learning and not just learning for learning’s sake. It is about creating problem solvers because problem-solving will always be relevant even as the world changes. When a machine makes your job obsolete – if you are a problem solver, you will still have relevance in the world. 

How can your child be his or her own teacher? From the moment a child is born, they have a raging desire to learn, and we believe that if you just follow their lead, provide them with a rich environment, give them the undivided time and attention of the people who care about them the most and encourage their efforts, they will not only learn but exceed all expectations Students have the capability of teaching themselves which makes teachers unnecessary for independent homeschooling. 

Kids are born with a love of learning. And strategies like repeated testing and flaunting failure stifle a child’s desire to learn The secret to motivating your child is to always let them know that how great you believe they are and remind them that they have the potential to achieve anything. 

At Syllabis Learning we strive to ensure each student has everything they need within their grasp, creating an environment that enables the child to reach their full potential. We provide all you need to give your child a safe and secure learning environment. We offer a guided program, a roadmap of studies to meet each child’s learning objectives. All our content is written and developed by qualified teachers and curriculum experts. Syllabis Learning offers a refreshing new choice to the learner of the digital age. 

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