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The Value of Performance Arts in Healthy Child Development

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Although some might view arts education as a luxury, creative expression is in fact a prime basic building block of healthy, well-rounded education in the early years. Learning to create & express is greatly beneficial to all children. 

Benefits of Performance Arts 

Motor skills: Many of the motions involved in dancing and gymnastics constitutes the foundation of gross motor development. It incorporates balance, weight distribution, strength, coordination and awareness of our bodies. And while these physical benefits are convincing in themselves, the mental and emotional effects of an environment where you are both challenged and encouraged, are of unparalleled value to a child’s development. Not many achievements are more rewarding to a child than learning and creating something, working hard and successfully mastering skills.

Language, social & emotional development: Drama has long been used by childcare therapists; the benefits are countless. When exploring movement and emotion, children learn to appropriately express themselves with both verbal and non-verbal communication. This in turn gives them a head start when it comes to social interaction and interpersonal relationships. With poetry and speech, as teachers, we’re given the opportunity to lay a foundation for speech, the way it should be. During pretend play and improvisation, children learn about decision-making and responding to situations as they arise. They get the opportunity to broaden their vocabulary, improve articulation and intonation and develop breath control, to name just a few advantages; all of this whilst building self-confidence and healthy self-esteem.   

Visual, audio and cognitive development: Playing a musical instrument, drawing, sculpting, threading beads and painting all develop fine motor and visual-spatial skills, which are more important than ever in treating and avoiding sensory processing disorders, as well as holistically raising a well-rounded, expressive, creative and happy child.

For more information on our school’s arts powered offerings, please contact Capriccio! Arts Powered Schools for more information, be it our extra-mural programs in the afternoons, or arts powered pre-school & primary education.

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