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The Upspring High Waist C-Panty Review

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The Upspring High Waist C-Panty is a great product for any women who has recently undergone a Caesarean. This is a must have for moms in recovery as it aids in this process. Read on below now to get the full scope of this product and why we recommend it to all C-section moms.

Why This Product Is A Must Have

The C-Panty line by Upspring has been designed to specifically aid women in the recovery of a caesarean. Firstly, it will aid in reducing both scarring and swelling to your cut. The panty is designed to be comfortable, using a gentle waist band which sits directly beneath the rib cage. This ensures you do not experience an uncomfortable, tight panty line. Furthermore, the materials used in the design of this product actually aid your incision recovery. There is a specific section which will cover your cute, made specifically out of silicone. This will help your skin to recover as well as minimalize scarring. 

The Pros Of The Upspring High Waist C-Panty

  • The construction of the panty will help you both slim down, and recover post surgery
  • The panty will promote abdominal compression, which will slim down that post baby belly, reduce swelling and shrink the uterus
  • The design of the panty includes the promotion of compression around incision, which will reduce your pain and id moving around post surgery
  • The silicone panel which covers the incision area will help with reduced scarring, and aid the recovery of your cut
  • You can wear this product directly after giving birth, for up to 12 months post delivery
  • This product was designed by a surgeon and is highly recommended by OB/GYNs

The Construct Of, And Caring For Your Upspring High Waist C-Panty

  • 92% Nylon, 8% Spandex
  • Machine washable as delicate, line dry
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