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The Twistshake Food Processor Product Review

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Recently, the Twistshake Food Processor has been introduced to South Africa. This is a remarkable product and offers a 6 in 1 user experience. Take a look at everything you need to know about the Twistshake Food Processor below, and see why you should own one today.

The 6 In 1 Functionality Of The Twistshake Food Processor

This machine will allow you to perform the following functions:

  1. Steaming: you will be able to steam fruit, vegetables, or meat products for your baby’s next meal
  2. Heating: you will be able to heat your baby’s bottle for breastmilk, or bowl or plate for puree o the Twistshake Food Processor
  3. Warmer: You will also be able to keep your baby’s freshly prepared food warm for a set period of time on this device
  4. Blending: you will be able to blend and puree foods to make your own baby food at home
  5. Sterilizing: this product also allows you to sterilize bottles and pacifiers
  6. Descaling: you can automatically descale your Twistshake Food Processor with the simple push of a button

Why The Twistshake Food Processor Is A Must Have

All parts of the Twistshake food processor are made from food grade materials, meaning harmful things such as BPA, BPS and BPF are nowhere to be seen. Furthermore, you will be able to seamlessly make great, nutritional food for your baby. Know exactly what is going into their food by making it from the comfort of your own home! With the automated cooking pre-sets, you will be able to whip up healthy food in no time. 

What Your Twistshake Food Processor Will Come With

  1. The Food Processor
  2. A Blending Jar
  3. The Steam Container
  4. Accessories: your processor comes with a set of tongs, a ladle and two squeeze bags to package your baby’s puree into
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