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The Twistshake Divide Plate: Everything You Need To Know About ​This Product

The Twistshake Divide Plate is a must have for all moms and dads out there. This product works closely in connection with the Twistshake Mini Click Mat, which we have also reviewed this month. Take a look at why this a must have for your baby’s meal times and what makes up this ingenious product.

The Twistshake Divide Plate Features

  • The plate has been designed with anti-slip, meaning that it slips minimally on whatever table surface it is placed on
  • The product is free from all harmful materials such as BPS, BPA and BPF
  • The divides allow you to easily work out your baby’s portion sizes
  • This product is both microwave and dish washer safe
  • The ingenious Twistclick function allows you to easily stack and store, or transport, multiple divide plates

More About The Twistshake Divide Plate

As you can see above, there are a lot of great features which come with this plate. However, it offers more than just eating ease. Thanks to the design, the Twistshake Divide Plate also minimalizes the mess made during meal times. 

Thanks to the anti-slip functionality of the plate, the likelihood of it sliding around the surface of the table is reduces phenomenally. However, when you pair it with the Twistshake Mini Click Mat, things become even more secure. The plate has the Twistclick ability to secure to the click mat. This means that it cannot be picked up by your baby.

The Twistclick functionality also allows the plates to be stacked on top of one another. This reduces your storage space dramatically. This also makes for easy transport if you need to pack a meal for your little one on the go. 

Free from all harmful materials, and being dishwasher and microwave safe, this little plate is a must have for all moms and dads. Get yours now!

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