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The Taboo Topic Of High Allergen Foods And Breastfeeding

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The topic of high allergen foods being consumed while breastfeeding has been a long debated one. However, we have some interesting developments on the subject! Read on below to see why you, in fact, should be upping the ante by eating high allergen foods whilst breastfeeding. 

Don’t Believe Us? Believe The Science!

In a study published in the Journal of Experimental Medicine today, research suggests that a mother’s diet while breastfeeding can help the baby build certain tolerances against allergic foods. Conducted by teams from Boston Children’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School, they researchers show how introducing allergic foods to your child’s digestive system from an early age actually help them build tolerance against these foods later in life. This results in them not developing full blown allergies to the foods in question. 

How To Introduce High Allergen Foods Into Your Diet Whilst Breastfeeding

You know the good old saying, less is more? this is definitely true in this instance. When introducing the foods to your diet, do so slowly so as to not risk giving your child a reaction. For example, start with a handful of nuts a day. Go for sushi one weekend. All the while, monitor how your baby reacts to the new exposure to these foods. 

What Not To Do In The Process

By no means should you jeopardise your own well-being. If you are highly allergic to a certain food, eating these foods will do you no good. As a result, this will definitely not benefit your baby either. Therefore, only introduce foods which you can safely eat yourself into your and your baby’s diet. 

Making High Allergen Foods And Breastfeeding Work In Unison

From now on, do not be afraid to experiment a little with what you are eating. Who knows, it could actually benefit them highly later on in life!

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