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Cetaphil Daylong Kids SPF 50+

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As South Africans, we all love our long hot summer days. We know that we have to protect our skin from the sun’s harmful rays, even during winter when the sun only appears to not be as harsh.

Cetaphil Daylong Kids SPF 50+ is a sun protection skin cream that takes a scientific view to protecting your skin from the effects of the sun. It provides a medical approach combining optimal quality, exceptional protection, and great skin feeling.

The pump action container makes it easy for you to quickly apply.  Cetaphil Daylong Kids SPF 50+ is dermatologically tested, very water-resistant, non-greasy and won’t block pores.

“I was so impressed to see that the pump dispenser provides exactly the recommended dosage amount for absolute total sun protection. It was also so convenient that I could apply the same sunscreen to my child’s face.” Said a Parenting Hub mom when recently asked to try Cetaphil Daylong Kids 50+ sunscreen on her children.

Another Mom said “As we are all fair-skinned people in my family, I decided to visit Galderma Laboratories’ website to see if I could find out more information about protecting my childrens’ skin and was pleasantly surprised to see that they have loads of information about all skin types.  I did find that particularly useful and will definitely only be using Cetaphil Daylong Kids 50+ for my children in future.”

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