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The Medela Mini Electric Breast Pump Review

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If you are in the market for a breast pump, but looking for something that will not break the bank, the Medela Mini Electric is for you! This amazing little pump packs similar innovative technology as the larger pumps but comes at a much smaller fee. Furthermore, you can win this little pump for yourself this month with Parentinghub! Read on below now for features of the Mini Electric and more.

Things That Make The Medela Mini Electric Stand Out


The Mini Electric is an incredible compact little pump. Its motor is housed on top of the actual breast shield. This makes it incredibly easy to carry and transport. Furthermore, the pump is incredibly light-weight, thus adding to its transportable appeal even more. 

Minimal Parts

The Medela Mini Electric is only comprised of five various parts. This makes assembly incredibly easy. furthermore, it makes cleaning and maintaining the pump an absolute breeze.


Another pro of the Mini Electric is the fact that it is tubeless. There are no complicated tubes going from your pump to your bottle. Since the Mini Electric’s pump is located on top of the breast shield, this allows milk to flow from the shield straight into your bottle. 

Who Would Benefit From The Medela Mini Electric?

There are certain moms who would benefit hugely from the Mini Electric, and others who would find no use for it. There are two main groupd of moms who would find huge use from this little singular pump.

Moms Who Travel

Mothers who find themselves traveling a lot for work or other reasons will benefit hugely from this pump. Thanks to its size and weight, taking it around with you is easy. The pump is small enough to fit into a conventional handbag and is a dream to use on the go.

Moms Who Don’t Pump a Lot

If you do not plan on pumping regularly, and mainly feeding your baby by breast, this pump is ideal for you. It will deliver everything you need and expect from a breast pump and allow you to express whenever you have to. 

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