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The Importance of Catrobatkidz – ages 2 to 6

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Infants, toddlers and pre-schoolers grow quickly, both physically and cognitively. During these childhood years they develop the physical skills needed for their adult lives. Physical development experiences and activities are one of the prime areas of learning and development, influencing changes in the child’s brain and gross and fine motor skills. Therefore, it is very important that children are given the opportunities to be active and interactive to develop their co-ordination, control and movement. 

Catrobatkidz programme is jammed packed full of all the essential building blocks covering all the important physical skill areas that children need to master. 

Physical changes

Children begin to lose their baby fat, or chubbiness, from around three years old. Toddlers soon acquire the leaner, more athletic look associated with childhood.

Brain development

The brain is comprised of two halves, the right and left cerebral hemispheres. Specifically, language, writing, logic, and mathematical skills seem to be located in the left hemisphere, while creativity, fantasy, artistic, and musical skills seem to be located in the right hemisphere. Although the hemispheres may have separate functions, these brain masses almost always coordinate their functions and work together.

Motor skills

Motor skills are physical abilities or capacities. Gross motor skills, which include running, jumping, hopping, turning, skipping, throwing, balancing, and dancing, involve the use of large bodily movements. Fine motor skills, which include drawing, writing, and tying shoelaces, involve the use of small bodily movements. Both gross and fine motor skills develop and are refined during early childhood. 

How Children Learn

1. Observe the behaviour in others.

2. Form a mental image of the behaviour.

3. Imitate the behaviour.

4. Practice the behaviour.

5. Be motivated to repeat the behaviour.

The Catrobatkidz programme is designed to teach children physical skills and improve brain integration while having fun.

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There is really nothing else quite like Catrobatkidz, please let your child exercise, learn, laugh and grow in self-confidence with us.

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