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The Hundred Acre Wood comes to life with Disney Baby

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As long as most parents and even grandparents can recall, Winnie The Pooh and his friends of the Hundred Acre Wood have been a staple in our children’s upbringing.  Stories that have transcended the ages from old library books across to iPads, Winnie is known for his kind, gentle nature, Tigger for his clumsy tomfoolery and Eyore for always being the depressed one that needed a hug.  Winnie was always there for his unlikely companions and his adventures with his best friend, the wise but nervous Piglet, saw them perusing the Hundred Acre Wood in search of honey, new friends and of course, fresh adventures.

Disney Baby have a range of products that will bring that tradition of friendship into the lives of your child – from rattles and mobiles, to developmental stacking toys and of course, gorgeous huge plushes that nobody could resist getting a cuddle from.

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