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The discouragement felt when unable to breastfeed

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The agony of knowing that you cannot give your child the best as a women – something that comes so natural to other mothers hearing them say – “I have enough milk to feed the nation” can be heartbreaking to a mom who was originally determined to breastfeed and can’t naturally cannot. This may even result in most mothers thinking of weaning their babies. 

What causes discouragement and to have thoughts of weaning your baby?

Most of us women who are determined to breastfeed visualise the experience of breastfeeding the bundle of joy and all the benefits it comes with breastfeeding before it actually occurs. The joy that floods a mom’s heart knowing you are able to give your little one the best. Then the unfortunate situation occurs when what you visualised, planned and hoped for does not happen. So discouragement creeps in and then causes many mothers to start weaning of their babies. 

When feeling the following emotions – feeling tired, discouraged, ambivalent or confused – it is not a good time to make any important decision especially coming to weaning of the bundle of joy. 

If you are experiencing problems, consider these options:

  • Consult someone trained in breastfeeding.
  • Express milk from one or both breasts so you can temporarily or permanently reduce or stop nursing.
  • Utilising Milk Galore products as part of supplement to boost the flow of breastmilk.

When does breastfeeding not go as planned?

One of the most intense experiences ever in a mom’s life is giving birth to and caring for your little bundle of joy.

The first few weeks are the most difficult due to many changes that occur. You find yourself in an emotional roller coaster as fatigue and hormonal changes kicks-in you will find yourself crying frequently. So does breastfeeding as well it becomes an emotional time.

If breastfeeding does not come as natural then it really becomes difficult so therefore it becomes a duty that is not easy and daunting. Even with excellent support and specialized assistance, there is a possibility that your breastfeeding experience simply doesn’t live up to your expectations. Some women feel less than a women as you feel feelings of regret, sadness, frustration and even anger because the excitement of being able to breastfeed and give your little one the best has been crushed. The guilt of wanting to stop just overwhelms some moms. Remember, it’s not your fault! To have a successful breastfeeding journey depends on a number of factors that are beyond your control sometimes.

It’s good to be able to talk about your feelings with someone you trust and who will lend an ear. Every birth and breastfeeding story is unique.

Below we have included some factors to consider and recommendations to encourage those moms feeling discouraged.

Insufficient milk production

Sometimes, milk production is low right from the start of breastfeeding. In other cases, it can drop off suddenly. This may be temporary, and can be due to any of a number of different causes:

  • Your breasts are understimulated because:
    • they are not being stimulated often enough (less than 8 times a day);
    • they are not being stimulated correctly by your baby or your pump;
    • you give your baby commercial infant formula in a bottle every day.
  • You have undergone breast surgery (breast reduction).
  • You suffer from poorly controlled hypothyroidism or another health problem.
  • You have an insufficient number of mammary glands, regardless of the size of your breasts (glandular insufficiency).
  • You are pregnant again.
  • You are taking contraceptives or a decongestant containing pseudoephedrine.

Sometimes insufficient milk supply cannot be explained by any of these reasons. Regardless of the quantity produced, the quality of breast milk is always excellent. Even in small amounts, your breast milk provides your baby with a host of nutrients that are not found in commercial infant formula

If your milk production is insufficient, make sure your baby is drinking enough and continuing to gain weight. Even if you supplement feedings with commercial infant formula, you can still continue to breastfeed.

What to do?

Milk Galore offers a range of products dependent on your preference. The products on offer are:

  • 100% fruit juice blends which is ready made
  • Rooibos tea for all the tea lovers

These can be drunk in the morning and evening at a quantity of 250ml and results of increased flow of breastmilk can be seen after 24 hours. For best result the rooibos tea must be brewed with water.

The other way to boost your milk production is to stimulate your breasts often and express as much milk as possible. 

You can also talk to a trained breastfeeding support person. This can help you

  • Assess your milk production
  • Increase your production as much as possible
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  • Terri-lee Falken February 5, 2022 at 10:05 am

    I wasn’t able to breastfeed my son despite trying all the options, it felt very disappointing and I felt like a failure. But when he had his bottle he was happy and fed. His almost 2 and still loves his milk. I really look up to moms who are able to breastfeed as it’s not easy but also a wonderful journey and very rewarding especially the first round


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