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The best jobs for near-perfect work-life balance

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Work-life balance is and probably always will be a hot topic for all South African families as more and more of us strive to hit the sweet spot between our personal and professional lives. How are you dividing your time and focus between the office and your time with your family?

As more and more people start searching for jobs suitable to their lifestyles, there seems to be a growing demand for roles that separate professional from personal. We did some digging to find out which jobs offer the best of both worlds, and here’s what we found.

Roles with the most promising work-life balance

Game Designer

The guys (and girls) behind the creation of your favourite video games also have some of the best work-life balance perks. Unlike game developers – who implement the operation of games – game designers sketch and implement the user experience and interface of games. This role calls for a lot of creative skills but rewards employees with having a hand in tech innovation and workplace wellbeing that can’t be matching in many industries.

Average salary – R530,000 per year

Social Media Manager

Social Media Managers ensure that a company’s digital marketing efforts are as effective as can be. This is a role that has evolved from a part-time tole to a full-fledged career because social media platforms are now the main point of interaction between brands and their target audiences. Because this job is very digitally focused, there are a bunch of fantastic telecommuting opportunities on offer out there, all of which offers excellent work-life balance.

Average salary – R300,000 per year

Investment Advisor

Financial advisors ensure that their clients have the best possible investment portfolio. These professionals have a deep understanding of the markets, financial levels of their clients, and their specialities, which is why they can help their clients make the most financially-sound decisions. Although deadlines might keep them on their toes from time to time, investment advisors generally have a generous amount of “off-time” in which they can bond with their families.

Average salary – R490,000 per year

Tour Guide

Tour guides make use of their skills and knowledge they have of a particular location, escorting guests around points of attraction and providing guidance when needed. Although the schedule of tour guides ultimately depends on the industry they choose, some roles are busier during specific seasons of the year while others are busy year-round.

Average salary – R200,000 per year

Real Estate Agent

Jobs in real estate vary a lot depending on your role, industry, and the demand. From finding and showing houses to brokering, real estate agents do a bit of everything. While real estate investor duties have high requirements to ensure a positive ROI, these careers often come with a lot of flexibility too.

Average salary – R300,000 per year

Final thoughts

If finding a role that offers the best work-life balance is a high priority to you, it’s time to make it happen! There are thousands of jobs out there that can provide the best of both worlds so you can still have a life outside of work. Why not head over to Adzuna’s online listings right now and start browsing? The job of your dreams could be just one click away!

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