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The Best Gear for Family Picnics

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The weather is getting warmer and it’s time to get outdoors.  One of the most exciting outings is to gather the family for a picnic. You can picnic in your own garden or venture to some of the great picnic spots around South Africa.  Here are some tips to have a fuss free picnic:

1. Pack light

Make sure you pack smart and light. You never know how far you are going to need to walk to find the perfect spot. Picnic Baskets are great but can be clumsy if you are balancing a toddler on your hip as well. Backpacks make the best picnic bags. Don’t forget a good lightweight foldable picnic blanket try not weigh yourself down with heavy blankets that get damp and dirty. 

2. Stay Hydrated 

Keep a bottle of frozen water in your bag in summer, this will slowly melt and keep the water cold. For something sweeter for the kids the new Miracle 360° Fruit infuser cup from Munchkin makes for a healthy choice. Add your child’s favourite fruit like strawberries, oranges, or blueberries into the fruit basket, twist it into the bottom, then fill the cup with water. The twist-on fruit extractor breaks up the fruit allowing it to infuse into the water and make a fun flavourful drink! Bye, bye juice and unhealthy cooldrinks! Hello, healthy flavoured water! Plus, your kids stay hydrated and clean (or at least cleaner!) while playing at parks and scenic areas.

3. Keep the hunger at bay

When packing for a picnic, it seems like there are never enough bowls to accommodate all the different snacks everyone wants.  Once again Munchkin have an answer Munchkin Love-a-Bowl comes in a set of four bowls with interchangeable lids, these come in handy when your little ones have not finished all the snacks and want to eat later. With all the tossing around in your picnic bag the lids need to be leak proof. Munchkin Love-a-Bowl are 100% guaranteed to be spill proof, leak proof and break- proof. Now that’s the kind of bowl I need on a picnic.

4. Keep the Insects away

Flies and bees can be a pest on a picnic! Our top tip for this is take along your Camp Cot Mozzi net. It can come in handy if baby falls asleep in a pram or for just keeping those bugs off the food.

5. Snacks on the go

If your kids enjoy food on the run, consider the Munchkin Deluxe Snack Catcher. It is designed to keep up with your toddler’s active lifestyle. This cleaver little bowl teaches self-feeding with a bit more dexterity and a lot less mess. It’s a multitasking bowl with soft flaps that are gentle enough for fingers to get through but sturdy enough to keep messes at bay (and insects out.)

6. No Stress 

Picnics with kids need not be a challenge so stick to what you know your kids like to eat and drink and don’t forget something special for Mom and Dad

Picnics can be a cost-effective outing, so go out and enjoy a bonding time with your family.

Don’t forget to enter the picnic hamper competition on the competition page.

Thank you to Munchkin for generously donating our favourite products for the prize. 

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