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The Best Alternative to Public or Private Schooling

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Researchers worldwide, forecast that home-schooling will balloon over the next decade as families discover that there are vastly better alternatives to public or private schooling such as home-schooling and more importantly as far as Syllabis is concerned, independent learning at home. The core idea of home-schooling is the idea that children need to learn at the speed, and in the style, most appropriate for them.

Modern-day schooling is out of date. Young leaders, innovators, and creators are being turned into robotic machines that follow assignments to generate grades. The grade school years are meant to help students find who they are, but schools today are nothing more than a glorifiedholding facility for carbon copy education.

At school, we are taught from day one to blindly follow directions or risk facing disciplinary consequences. The school system was built to match labour environments – eight hours a day with short breaks in a controlled setting to make it easier to push young adults into the workforce. Schools say they are preparing students for the future, but they are forcing them to obey commands that expunge all creativity, which is robbing students of the ability to pursue a successful future.

Every student has his own set of strengths and weaknesses, and yet we find every student following the same exact academic agenda as their peers. It is almost like schools are asking all students to wear the same size shirt, despite the inevitable variety in body shapes and sizes.

At Syllabis Learning we believe your children deserve the best in education and part of our offering includes:

Our SCHOOL-ON-A-TABLET solution. Simply activate our 10,1-inch tablet, or If you prefer the curriculum can be downloaded directly onto the learner’s own device. A hardcopy textbook version is available for those learners who do not have access to the internet.

Our curriculum is modern and progressive. It is specifically designed by leading educators for learners of the digital age. We offer a blended curriculum which is CAPS based but offers additional products and services. Our curriculum is easy to follow, and we provide endless topic-related videos.

We offer a world class portal and monitoring system with study tips by grade, excellent support and access to over 4 000 online or in-home tutors and mentors, your child can find a Study Buddy within our network and specific topic related pre-recorded lessons.

A Syllabis Learning we believe your child deserves the best in education. With public education systems deteriorating and private schools getting more expensive by the day, homeschooling is proving to be the best alternative.

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