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The benefits of using a curriculum provider

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Using a curriculum provider is a convenient, straightforward and effective option for home education parents – all you need to do is pick the grade and you’ll be provided with everything you require to complete a school year at home with your child. Using a complete curriculum is also a great way to build confidence, especially if you’re new to home education. In addition, using a reputable curriculum provider offers a host of other benefits.

Additional resources: Besides offering all the required books and guides needed to successfully complete the academic year, curriculum providers offer access to additional resources – usually online or interactive multimedia resources, and generally at no additional cost – to enrich your child’s learning experience and to empower you as parent.

Guided learning: Guided learning provides an opportunity for differentiated instruction and aims to lead learners to increasing independence. Curriculum providers offer guided learning in the form of online tutoring and practice elements, such as extra lessons and videos, to continuously test and improve learners’ understanding of a subject.

Lesson plans: For many parents, the lesson plans offered by curriculum providers are worth their weight in gold as having a carefully constructed lesson plan saves a lot of time and hassle. A curriculum provider will offer daily plans for all subjects, suggested support materials, as well as tips for adapting lessons to your child’s unique needs.

Subject support: Parents may need extra support when teaching their children at home, especially in certain subject areas. In addition to providing the necessary learning resources, a good curriculum provider will offer access to subject matter experts – a team of highly trained and professional educators to support parents with curriculum questions and subject support.

Administrative aid: A curriculum provider will give you access to all the tools you need to ease administration, ensure accurate recordkeeping, monitor learner progress and generate reports. 

Assessment assistance: Curriculum providers generally supply all formal assessments and memorandums, as well as marking services and a support network to help learners successfully master a subject or grade. Some curriculum providers also arrange practical assessment opportunities for home education learners throughout the year.

Time: When using a curriculum provider, all the work has already been done for the parents, effectively removing the time and stress related to research and planning. With everything laid out for you, you’ll have more time to focus on your child, and plan exciting excursions and activities.

Sense of community: By signing up with a curriculum provider, you’ll be joining a vibrant community of home education families who share their journey and insights via social media, and who participate in organised workshops and events.

Tips when looking for a curriculum provider

While a reputable curriculum will offer all these benefits and more, keep the following in mind when searching for a curriculum that meets your needs. Your home education curriculum provider should:

  • Offer solutions designed to enable individualised learning. 
  • Give you full control over your child’s education. 
  • Be dedicated to helping learners thrive. 
  • Provide learners with the foundational knowledge needed to succeed in school and life.
  • Inspire curiosity and deepen learners’ understanding with engaging lessons.
  • Offer educational and instructional support to parents.  

Impaq is the largest home education curriculum provider in South Africa. Their curriculum and related solutions are designed to enable individualised learning as they place your child’s needs at the centre of their academic model. 

By Danielle Barfoot

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