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Talking about periods

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Your daughters first period is a momentous event in her life, but it can also be a little confusing and anxious too. When it arrives, it’s important she feels prepared and is aware of what’s happening to her.

Discuss the science

Although it sounds an obvious thing to say, its worth talking her through the basics of why we have periods, how the menstrual cycle worksand the blood loss she’ll experience. We’ve got all the information you need here to help explain these things, including a Teen Handbook. If she wants to find out herself, direct her to the teen section which includes advice on all aspects of her body

Help her feel prepared

One of the biggest worries many girls have is starting their period when away from home or in school. Very often, wearing a pant liner on a daily basis can build her confidence as it alleviates any fear that she will be caught unaware.

Its also a good idea to give her some pads to keep in her school bag just in case. Lil-lets has a mini purple rangedesigned with petite women and younger girls in mind

Is there a minimum age for using tampons?

There is no minimum age for using tampons or a medical reason why a girl new to her periods should not use one. However, it is often best for them to understand their flow and monthly cycle before choosing to use this form of protection.

Show her products

It’s easy to forget that she probably hasn’t seen what a pad looks like. Once you’ve bought a pack, show her a pad, how she should position it and how to dispose of it afterwards.

This should give her the confidence to do it herself next time. If you would both rather not have this conversation directly, our Teen Handbookhas explanations of how to use pads so she can have a look in her own time.

The same applies to tampons as they can be really confusing, especially as they come in both an applicator and non-applicator formats.

Anything else to add?

Its perfectly normal for her period to last a couple of weeks too, so again, Its worth sharing this bit of information with her so she will know what to expect.

Many thanks to Lil-Lets for their insight, you can read more at

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