When one considers the connotation of peer pressure, negative images are always conjured in our mind.  We tend to think that as a result of peer pressure, our children can only go one way and that’s the wrong way.  But is it? Indeed, peer pressure can coax our teenagers into bad behaviour.  We see a […]

Raising teenagers can be an incredibly difficult job for adults, especially when they often seem to behave strangely. One workshop I conduct frequently for parents of older children is titled, YES, YOUR TEEN IS CRAZY. I rarely have trouble filling the seats for that one. Actually, the title is true. Teens ARE crazy because the […]

When trying to communicate with your daughter, it can sometimes seem as though she is speaking another language; full of teenage slang and phrases you’ve never heard of. Our Teenagers’ Language Guide and Action Checklist will help you decipher youth slang and make it easier to talk to your daughter. Across different generations, teenagers have […]

What happens if your 18-year-old or older child is behaving badly? What do you do then? This is a predicament that parents often ask me about and it’s probably one of the most frustrating situations that parents of older children have to deal with. Here are just some of the issues that parents have shared […]

There’s going to be a lot of Internet-Enabled devices hidden in gift-wrap this coming holiday season and many will be for children and teens.  With this fact in mind, the timing for this topic may be right on schedule.  Consider printing off this list of guidelines for you to read or share before turning your […]

In a previous article that we published on bullying amongst our children in South Africa, we touched lightly on cyber-bullying and promised you a separate article on this subject, as it is so vast.  We’ve all heard the term and no doubt as parents you have already felt the need to educate yourself as to […]