When one considers the connotation of peer pressure, negative images are always conjured in our mind.  We tend to think that as a result of peer pressure, our children can only go one way and that’s the wrong way.  But is it? Indeed, peer pressure can coax our teenagers into bad behaviour.  We see a […]

The powerful lure of peer pressure is synonymous with adolescence. The adolescent essentially has a need firstly to “belong” and secondly to individuate. What this means is that in order to belong and be accepted one has to ‘fit-in’ with peers and that is more or less wearing certain types of clothes, reading the same […]

The following is not meant to invoke fear, though it may, but rather, inform you as to a trend starting in early adolescence that has existed for decades in the dark. There is a plethora of means to self-harm, such as anorexia, or starving / restricting food intake; bulimia, or purging / vomiting up food […]