Here’s an exercise I learned from a 9-year-old girl little girl, my youngest daughter who today is 28 and expecting her first child. She revealed the exercise during one family meeting 19 years ago when it was her turn to facilitate.  In our family meetings, everyone rotated through the facilitator role which created intense excitement […]

Asking Questions.  Our children are smarter than we give them credit for.  We are so worried that they are not going to do what is right, or we are in such a hurry that it just seems easier to give our children marching orders.  But asking them questions is a far more effective teaching tool. […]

Accidents happen. All the time. Yet another occurred this week. Another toddler with an animal – first it was the gorilla, then the alligator. And now the internet is alive with criticisms, articles, and perfect people. Compassion and tolerance, people, what happened to those? I am so tired of the posts about the gorilla. I […]