Parents generally see their children as wonderful gifts from the heavens but children don’t always see each other in that same light.  They first see their primary caregivers, and the love and attention they get from them, as a limited commodity.  They then see their siblings as competition for that love and attention and sometimes […]

Power struggles develop every day at work, at the store, and even jockeying for that spot in the parking lot.  Just look around you the next time you’re out driving; someone cuts you off, blocks you from entering a lane, or rides your bumper.  Initiating a power struggle is a way of expressing the frustration […]

Asking Questions.  Our children are smarter than we give them credit for.  We are so worried that they are not going to do what is right, or we are in such a hurry that it just seems easier to give our children marching orders.  But asking them questions is a far more effective teaching tool. […]

It is incredibly frustrating when our child says “NO” to us.  If we react to it, they could feel more powerful than we want them to, causing them to do it more often.  Often times, they are saying no as a way of communicating that they need to feel more powerful.  We want our children […]

Our children as wonderful as they are, aren’t exactly obedient all of the time.  Suddenly your child may be refusing or blatantly ignoring your requests for them to do something. The good news is that this is all normal, as frustrating as it is, it is normal for your child to test  the boundaries. As […]