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Do you have a busy child who is always running around, struggles to fall asleep before 10 at night, shouts out answers in the class, has difficulty concentrating and sitting still? Your child may be suffering from ADHD or ADD. But what is ADHD/ADD? Does my child need medication? Is the medication dangerous? Medical professionals […]

Neurofeedback is a non-invasive learning strategy that works to improve the brains ability to produce certain brainwaves without the need for medication. You can think of it as “exercise for the brain”. By creating awareness about your own brainwave characteristics, you can learn to change them. Neurofeedback instruments show the kind of waves a person […]

As the mid-year exams loom, children will write tests to measure how much they remember what they have learnt. Being able to concentrate in class is a critical step in the learning process and is fundamental for success at school. When a child struggles to concentrate, a worried teacher may approach parents to discuss types […]

Concentration is the key to academic success, and indeed almost every task, but what if our Brain has actually never really learned how? Today’s world is a technological wonderland. Never has mankind had the speed and access to information and for communication that we do today. The opportunities for teaching, learning, business and networking are […]

It is the start of the school year and many children are refreshed after the summer holidays. Unfortunately some children are frustrated by learning difficulties or Attention Deficient Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). A recent study found something noteworthy: There is an association between headache diagnosis and school achievements. The study, published in Pediatric Nursing, found that […]