21 Places To Put Sudocrem Other Than On Your Baby’s Bottom

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It may be thick, pasty and a pain in the (literal) ass to rub in, but Sudocrem has kept #babyjake 100% nappy rash free for all 11 months of his existence. And apart from keeping his little bummy wummy soft and dry, there are many uses for this cream beyond the bum. I can vouch for many of these (I am particularly skilled in use #14), but thankfully I don’t have much experience with others (#’s 11 and 16 would fall into this category). Whatever the ailment though, there is something in here for everyone.

So here are 21 places to put sudocrem other than on your baby’s bottom:

1. All Round Healing Cream thanks to Zinc Oxide. The joy of Sudocrem is its high Zinc Oxide content. That’s the magical antibacterial and anti-inflammatory ingredient that makes this cream an all-round healer. When Zinc Oxide is applied to a wound area, it provides the body with the extra zinc it needs to repair skin cells. Use it on rashy patches, cuts, grazes and, well, any skin irritations for that matter (great for those annoying grass rashes and for teething/drool chin rash!)

2. Acne. Perhaps the most famed of all uses (even more so than as a bum cream) is its role in clearing acne, spots, blemishes, pimples and breakouts. Simply apply to the spot in question, and watch it magically reduce in redness and size.

3. Face Mask. Yes. It’s true. Because Sudocrem is so thick and pasty, you can’t use it as a regular moisturiser. But you can use it once a week as an all-round face mask. This DIY beauty hack has even made its way into celebrity circles. After your regular bedtime cleansing, smear Sucocrem all over your whole face (you can try massage it in, but you won’t get very far). Then leave it to absorb overnight. It helps tighten pores and prevent the buildup of sebum, reducing the formation of blackheads and pimples. You will go to bed looking like Casper, but you will wake up looking fresher and smoother, with a more even complexion. Be sure to sleep on a towel. Do this once a week only.

4. This one is for the Dads. Shaving Rash / Razor Burn

5. Rough, cracked heels (apply cream, put socks on, and allow to seep in overnight).

6. Wrinkles. It’s a hell of a lot cheaper than La Mer, so I figure there isn’t much to lose by trying this one out. Zinc is a natural astringent – that means it tightens the skin’s elastic fiber leading to a reduced appearance of wrinkles.

7. Insect Bites and Stings. Sudocrem contains a mild local anaesthetic to ease discomfort.

8. To prevent and soothe chaffing (be it from cycling or because your thighs rub together in summer).

9. Sweat Rashes (you know, those pesky under the boob ones).

10. Primer. Another DIY beauty trick. Apply a tiny (TINY) bit here and there as you would a regular primer, before applying makeup. It will provide your skin with a thin barrier so that your foundation / eye shadow can be applied without sinking into pores and creases. Once rubbed in, it isn’t greasy and doesn’t leave you looking shiny. It actually leaves a matte finish. Be careful not to slather it on too thickly though, or you may end up looking like a ghostly, pale and chalky corpse.

11. Can be used to help treat Eczema, Psoriasis, Molluscum, Bedsores, Chilblains and Warts (again, the zinc works its magic here).

12. Dogs also get dry patches, itchy sores and tail chaffing. Sudocrem is recommended by many a vet (but it can be difficult to clean so make sure that you rub it in really well and while it is not toxic, just keep an eye out that your dog doesn’t lick too much of it off.)

13. Apply around your hairline when applying hair dye / colour, to prevent your skin from staining.

14. Sunburn, the ultimate after-sun treatment. There we were, frolicking on our first seaside holiday as a new family. And somehow, I missed the First-Time-Mom-Memo that states that you will still burn under an umbrella. So after a lovely swim (where #babyjake was pathologically lathered in SPF 100 and kitted out in his UVA/UVB protective scuba suit), we had a little post-swim lie down in the umbrella’s shade. Shade being the operative word in that sentence. 3 hours later and I had sunburnt my 4 month old to lobster red status. Of course, good old Google warned us that “Your baby will die within 2 hours if emergency medical action is not taken”. And so, after several hysterical phone calls to every after-hours Paed in Durban, Sudocrem and its high zinc content saved us. Applied hourly, every hour, for 24 hours, and well #babyjake left Durban with a lovely tan. Tip: Leave the tub in the fridge, and apply the cooled cream to really ease the burn. #firsttimemom

15. Dry, callous knees and elbows.

16. Piles, haemorrhoids and painful bowel movements.

17. When ailed with colds and flu, apply under the nose to prevent dryness and chaffing from excessive wiping and blowing

18. Itchy and inflamed scar tissue. This has soothed my still itchy, (actual) emergency c-section cut.

19. Protect your manicured hands when washing the dishes. Sudocrem’s water-repellent base creates a protective seal. Also great to protect your little one’s chin from the drool floodgates of teething. Just apply and the drool won’t cause a chin rash.

20. Bruises. To reduce appearance and swelling.

21. Emergency Redness Reduction (whether you’ve just plucked your eyebrows minutes before needing to leave the house, or have woken up looking like Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer).

Tip: Remember a little goes a long way. You only ever need to use a teeny tiny smidgen (except for when you sunburn your 4 month old baby, then go wild.)

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    Cool some new tips to use. I love love love Sudocrem can’t do without it. Thank you for this AMAZING article. ♡


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