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Stimulating the Right Brain Can Create a Genius Baby

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You can create a genius baby if you understand how the human brain is structured. In most adults, the left hemisphere of the brain is dominant. Left-brained people think in a logical, linear manner, while right-brained people think in a non-linear, intuitive fashion. The left-brained learn best through hearing, while the right-brained learn best through seeing and feeling.

Our school system, geared to logical, linear thinking, favors the left-brained. Right-brained children often do only averagely well in school because they are not able to show how they arrived at their answers, having reached them by unusual methods or through sheer intuition.

You should therefore not lose heart if your child gets low grades in school. It may be a sign of a genius in the making! A great example of a right-brained person is the scientist Albert Einstein. An acknowledged genius, he suffered from speech difficulties in early childhood.

So, is there a genius baby in your house? There may well be. As Glenn Doman and Makoto Shichida, two right-brain educators, put it: accessing the right brain enables a child to learn better and could unlock genius-like abilities.

These include speed-reading skills, a photographic memory, the ability to accurately sketch something seen only once, a facility for performing instant math equations, and rare musical talent. The right brain is also responsible for visual and spatial processing, and the ability to see problems in multiple dimensions, as great physicists do. Einstein possessed this ability.

If the right brain is so much more intuitive and creative, why is our left brain more dominant? For a very good reason. It does the important job of filtering out a lot of the information bombarding our senses. This helps us to avoid “sensory overload”.

If the right brain was dominant, we would constantly be reacting to a host of information being thrown at us. Think of the autism sufferer who, being hypersensitive to sensory stimuli, finds ordinary social interactions overwhelming, and you get the idea.

Our left brain helps us hold a conversation while ignoring background noises. It ensures that a great deal of the sensory input we receive remains beneath the radar of conscious awareness.

Right-brain teaching helps us to reclaim some of the benefits of right-brain dominance by changing the way we absorb and recall information. Most people memorize data by storing it in their short-term memory in the left brain. Only repetitive use leads to its transfer it to the long-term memory of the right brain.

Right-brain teaching helps us bypass the left brain and directly access our long-term memory, helping us learn faster. It allows us to recall information received on a subconscious level – for instance, through speed reading.

Unlike left-brain learning, right-brain learning does not require conscious effort. In small children, the right brain is already activated, making learning especially rapid. This is because the right brain develops before the left and is dominant until the age of three and a half.

So, if you want your child to be a genius baby, stimulate her right brain.


Author: Madeleine Fitzpatrick. Madeleine Fitzpatrick is the editor for BrillBaby. Go to to learn more on how to make a genius baby.




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