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Second Interview: How to make the most of it

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Congrats! After making it through the job hunt and nailing your first interview, you got invited back for the elusive second interview!  Now, how do you prepare yourself for Round 2? Adzuna headquarters has a few tips and pointers to help you make the most of the next stage of interviewing!

What to expect during the second interview

Round 2 focuses on ore in-depth discussions about how you’ll operate in the role. By now, you’ve already passed the initial screening and probably met the employer. This time around, you’ll need to solidify your stance as a strong candidate by giving them proof of your experience, skills, and knowledge about the business and the problems they might be facing. To do this, take the following steps before your second interview:

Be Assertive

In the second interview, you are likely to be grilled a little bit harder which is your perfect opportunity to be more assertive. Show conviction in your capabilities and that your experience is exactly what they are looking for. A good second interviewer will question the suitability of some of your experience for the role in question. Here’s a question that might come up: “In this position, you will be responsible for managing a large team. But you only have experience managing up to 6 people. How will you rise to this challenge?” Whether or not you have the necessary experience, the second interview is your chance to illustrate how you plan to approach this task.

Ask Your Own Questions

This is the perfect time to ask the kind of questions you’d like the HR manager to answer. Topics that you are unlikely to cover in your first interview, such as compensation and benefits, are important to bring up to make sure they meet your expectations. Also, another good idea is to ask for a tour of the company so you can get an idea for the working conditions and the type of people you will end up working with. Ask for more information on the available training and development schemes or possible growth opportunities within the company.

Be confident

use your body language and voice to illustrate that you’re confident and excited about the second interview. Answer the interviewer’s questions loud and clear and look them in the eye when responding to their questions. Make it clear that you really want the job and that you’d be an excellent fit for the role. At the end of the day, it’s often the most confident and motivated candidates that have the edge and land the jobs!

Remember you have made it past the first interview! So you have already impressed them enough to secure a second. Therefore, this is just as much you interviewing them as it is them interviewing you. You have to be sure that this role is everything you hoped it would be. But as always, practice makes perfect!

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