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Safe, summer fun for baby’s skin

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When the sun finally appears after a long winter it is natural to want to go out into the sunshine and enjoy the long, sunny afternoons.  But, even though your baby might enjoy playing on the grass or getting their toes dipped into the pool, over-exposing their delicate, sensitive skin to the rays of the sun can be harmful.

“We know that giving our children an outdoor life is important, however we need to remember that their skin is more sensitive than ours, and care needs to be taken while they are out in the sun, and even afterwards,” says Su-Marie Annandale, brand manager for baby skincare range Krayons.

Annandale provides the following five tips on how to look after your baby’s skin while and after they have been in the sun:

  1. Keep your child out of direct sunlight by sitting under a tree or put up an umbrella for them to play under. It is also important to remember to always have a hat on hand for outdoor excursions. When the sun is at its hottest 10am to 4pm, try to keep your children out of the sun, or keep them in the shade.
  2. Use age appropriate sunscreen. Although it is advised not to use sunscreen for children younger than 6 months, there are exceptions:  if your baby is going to be out in the sun for a time and there is no possibility of cover, use a small amount of sunscreen to their skin protected. Be sure not to put around their eyes or on their hands to avoid stinging eyes.
  3. Protect your baby’s eyes with a pair of baby shades. Your baby’s eyes are very sensitive and the bright light can become irritated. Make sure that the sunglasses are UV ray protected.
  4. Don’t forget the fluids. During the hotter months it is important to remember that your baby will lose more fluid. A great way to determine this is by checking to see how often you change their nappies. Staying hydrated is also important for keeping your baby’s skin healthy and firm during the hotter months.
  5. After your baby has been out in the sun, give them a lukewarm bath to cool down their skin. Since your baby’s skin will be sensitive after being in the sun, opt for cotton wool instead of a facecloth to wipe them down. Finish off with a soft massage using Krayons’ Aqueous cream which is gentle on baby’s skin, and helps to ensure that it is cleansed, protected and moisturised every time.

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