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Review: Twistshake Pacifiers

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Twistshake pacifiers are some of the most innovative dummies on the market. A pacifier has become the hero of many households. Thanks to its soothing appeal , it brings a sense of calm to an otherwise highly unhappy baby. But finding the right pacifier isn’t as easy as one would think. This is where Twistshake comes in. with their innovative line of baby products, you will be sorted. Take a look at the wonders of their pacifiers below now.

A Bit About Twistshake Pacifiers

There are four key things you need to know about the design and shape of the Twistshake pacifier range. We will discuss all of these below.

#1: The Teat

The Twistshake pacifier possesses a teat that was specifically designed to suit a baby’s mouth shape. It is also an orthodontic teat, meaning that it allows for healthy teeth development within the gums. The structure of the Twistshake dummy teat will not affect your child’s teeth growth in any negative way. This also makes for a comfortable experience for your baby, as the teat now fits perfectly to their mouth.

#2: The Shield

The dummy’s shield is also a design marvel within itself. Thanks to the four air holes in the shield, your baby’s skin will be able to maintain its integrity. These four air holes allow oxygen to the lip skin which is highly beneficial to your child.

#3: Safe Materials

The materials used to make the Twistshake pacifiers are all safe for both you and your child. They are free from BPA, BPS and BPF. Above that, the teat is constructed from super soft silicone. The developers have carefully selected this silicone to ensure it is both mild and comfortable for your baby’s sensitive gums.

#4: Ease

The design of the pacifier has also taken into consideration the ease of the grip. This product is easy to use for both you and your baby. It allows for easy grip and is simple for little hands to hold. 

All Shapes And Sizes

Another innovative thought from this brand is that they keep in mind the size of your baby’s mouth. Twistshake recognizes that a new born’s suckle differs to that of an older baby. As such, they have two great designs available to choose from. Both hold exactly the same design as the other. The only difference is the actual size of the dummy itself.

Twistshake Mini Pacifiers

Twistshake offers two different sizes when it comes to their dummies. The mini, and the large. The mini range is suitable for children between the ages of 0 – 6 months. The smaller design of this pacifier ensures it fits snugly into your child’s mouth, without being too large for them to suckle. 

Twistshake Large Pacifiers 

The large range of pacifiers are suitable for all babies aged 6 months plus. This range is larger in teat diameter than the mini range, making it perfect for your baby’s growing mouth shape. 

Win Your Own Twistshake Pacifier Today

In the month of January, to welcome in the new year, we will be giving away a great hamper including the Twistshake pacifier range! Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for more on this give away. Walk away with Twistshake pacifiers, and other great baby accessories now!

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