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Review: Toptots Tom-e Books

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Just as your child enjoys playing with toys, so too will she enjoy playing with books. All children need the opportunity to explore books with their hands and mouths. Young children should have a few vinyl or fabric books for this purpose as they can easily be washed. These books also teach your child how to turn pages carefully as they are not too delicate. This is a coordination skill still to be learned.  When selecting books for your child, remember that they prefer bold pictures and no words are necessary. You will thus be able to use the picture to make up stories of your own.

Storybooks develop good communications skills and help to build your child’s vocabulary that is growing bigger by the day. Storybooks allow for imagination and develop your child’s memory. You will find that your child enjoys hearing the same story night after night because she is familiar with the story and it has become predictable to her. Children like to know what will happen next. Choose a time when your toddler is relaxed before you attempt with “reading”. Never force your child to sit and listen, as this will only create a negative association with “reading”. Remember too that your “reading” time may be just a few minutes – let your child set the pace. Probably the best time would be just before bedtime.

Reading and storytelling is very soothing and relaxing and your child will associate it with good, loving attention. Try to make a rule to read to your child every day as it is ultimately the route to all learning. A person who loves reading and who can read well has the world in the palm of their hands. The love of reading is developed early and you are ultimately responsible for encouraging your child to love reading. Our Tom-e book packs come in a set of 4 A5 soft backed books. Titles are –  Tom-e plays with shapes and colours, Tom-e on Safari, Tom-e and friends, Tom-e goes on a picnic.

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