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Review: Toptots Textured Bean Bags

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Children love beanbags because they are so much easier to catch and throw than a ball.  While a ball bounces away from little hands a beanbag usually lands with a gentle thud!  Learning to catch a moving object is not as easy as it seems.  It requires a great deal of concentration and coordination.  Beanbags offer your child the chance to have more success at catching which is a total confidence booster. Toptots has a variety of beanbags all packed into drawstring bags for easy storage.  Our beanbags are also easy to clean – just pop them into the washer and dry

Our textured beanbag sets consist of 12 textured beanbags.  These beanbags are made out of different types of material such as corduroy, satin, hessian cloth etc. – all designed to stimulate your child’s tactile system.  Your child will also develop his matching skills by learning to match the different colours and textures.  Our 15 x 15cms beanbags are ideal for throwing and catching – great for improving those fine motor and coordination skills.  The shape beanbag set consist of 4 large shaped beanbags – used for throwing, teaching colours and shapes and jumping over them develops gross motor skills.  Our mini beanbag set consists of 4 triangle, circle, rectangle and square shapes – designed to teach your child his shapes and colours.

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