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Review: The Disney Book Club

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In this crazy world of technology and digital media, there’s something so special and comforting about holding a beautifully printed book in your hands.  For little chidren, to look at those glossy illustrations and link them to the story that once they are able to read, they can read to themselves, creates an opportunity for them to be transported to another world, another time and place.  Here they can set their imaginations free and immerse themselves into the wonderful world of make believe.

No-one understands this better than Disney Book Club, who make it so easy for parents to build up a library of affordable amazing books that their children will read over and over again and can cherish well into adulthood.

Parenting Hub found out that when you join the Disney Book Club, you receive a free gift and two trial books for only R64,99 per book, plus postage.  Membership is free and there are also no joining fees.  Along with your free gift and your trial books, you also receive a beautiful welcome backpack. The team at Parenting Hub were so impressed with this incredible offer!

We were sent copies of some of these stunning books to review – titles included :

  • Walle
  • 101 Dalmatians
  • Frozen
  • Planes

Each of these books is printed with a font-size that is just perfect for children who are able to read to themselves.  The illustrations are colourful and larger than life so that your child won’t become bored reading to themselves, in fact they will enjoy the simplicity of being able to do so.Parenting Hub and the team, would highly recommend that you join the Disney Book Club where over time, you can inexpensively create a fabulous library of great books for your children.

You can signup for the Disney Book Club or find out more information by clicking here 

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