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Having been homeschooled myself I remember how my mom was always making her own worksheets, writing and drawing and then making copies. She would have loved to have had access to this great website where learning is made so easy!

If you want your child to be more enthusiastic and excited about school, look no further.

Whether you are a teacher looking for lesson plans or a concerned mom wanting to provide your child with extra lessons or currently doing homeschooling; Study Camp is a one-stop shop where you can download useful worksheets, tests and exam papers for Grade 1 to 7 learners. These documents are designed and developed by a team of qualified and passionate teachers to help your children apply, organise and critically evaluate concepts in the comfort of your home.

Literacy, numeracy, phonics and mathematical worksheets are available. The worksheets are colourful, fun, well planned and easy to comprehend.  And each worksheet has a Memo at the back with all the answers to refer back to!

I particularly like the online quizzes. You get timed while doing the quiz and when you reach the end, the correct answers are given to you. This is such a fun way to prepare for an exam!

Being a teacher myself, I get so excited when I discover a great learning tool!

Getting through school shouldn’t be hard. Growing up has enough challenges as it is. Education should be fun, and I believe that Study Champ is making the learning experience just that!

Visit www.studychamp.co.za for more information


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