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Review: Snappi Baby Chairs

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Babies just love being able to see what’s happening around them.  Being able to be part of the company and seeing the world around them, stimulates their little minds.  Snappi®Baby Chairs have been designed for babies who are not yet able to sit by themselves and can be used by baby from the time that they are able to support their own heads until around age one.

Sitting in a baby chair allows baby to see the world from a snug and comfortable position and makes interaction between parents and baby so much easier.

“I just love the Snappi®Baby Chair and take it with me everywhere.  Fortunately it’s very light and easy to pack into the car.”  This is what one of our mothers had to say about the Snappi®Baby Chair.

Snappi® has been around for 20 years and over the years have developed the Snappi®Baby Chair and accessories, in South Africa, for South Africans with unsurpassed quality and are available from www.snappi.co.za soon to be available from retailers as well.

“My sister’s baby-shower is coming up and I’m going to buy her a Snappi®Baby Chair.  I have used mine for both my babies and would not be without it!” said Maria, an avid reader of Parenting Hub.

The Snappi®Baby Chair has a flexible inner lining that moulds to baby’s shape.  This naturally allows your little one to find the most comfortable position to suit them and at the same time affording baby the correct support whilst developing pelvic muscles and little backs.

“The advantages of having a Snappi®Baby Chair are just too many to mention.  I found that my baby is more stimulated and content when sitting in her chair than at any other time.  She is able to enjoy everyone’s company and feel like she’s part of the family, which for me is the best thing that I can offer her.” Said Trischia another one of Parenting Hub’s mommy-readers.

An added advantage that we at Parenting Hub found, is that because baby is so well supported in the Snappi®Baby Chair, baby experiences improved breathing control and digestion, particularly great for babies who suffer from reflux.  Naturally the length of time that baby spends in the Snappi®Baby Chair is entirely at parents’ discretion, but Parenting Hub does not hesitate to recommend this innovative chair for babies.

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