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Review: The Snappi Baby Chair

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At first glance I was impressed by the Snappi chairs two toned colour and elegant, modern design.

I was pleasantly surprised by the flexible inner which allows baby to sit more supported and comfortably. The chair is very stable and doesn’t move around on the floor. It has two rubber like “legs” underneath which allows it to stay in place.

When baby starts sitting, but needs a little support, the Snappi chair will come in very handy! Gone are the days of positioning pillows all around our baby.  And when baby starts eating solids, the Snappi is a mealtime must-have as it comes with a handy little attachable tray for small snacks.

The Snappi is quick and easy to clean. Although it looks solid, the Snappi is light enough to move and carry around.

I look forward to using the Snappi chair when my baby is a little older!

Available to purchase at leading Baby outlets nationwide

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