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Review: Shopkins Lil’ secrets

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Shopkins fun toys have grown massively but these new toys are tiny and absolutely adorable to play with. Shopkins has a secret, would you like to get in on it?

Shopkins Lil’ Secrets have secret worlds hidden within fun secret locks. Unlock your world of amazing wonder! This whole new world comes with a village map to scratch out the secret code using shopkins. There are three easy steps to the map: Match, Scratch (this is made the easiest with a coin), and Unlock. Once you’ve opened up the secret lock you are mesmerized with a tiny little house or shop or even an ice cream parlor; not only that, but you are surprised with a tiny shopkins and a tweety shoppie. By tiny, we mean super shopkin tiny! The interior of your secret world is girly and absolutely adorable. It’s a little girl’s dream house! You are able to interact with the object inside of the lock, however, with the teeny shoppie and the shopkins, there are choking hazard warnings. This toy is not for children under the ages of 3 years, but this toy is to be played with by 5 years and older. This toy would be a special and fantastic gift for any grandchildren or children for Christmas or even a special birthday. Children of many ages, including teens, enjoy this product and would highly recommend it. There are 10 different and stunning locks for your collection! It also includes a list to check off and see what your heart desires next. There is a mini-game on the map to try and spot the cute shopkins. I Spy a great toy!

Shopkins Lil’ Secret has another product similar to the lock, only better. A necklace that contains a mini, exclusive and adorable world inside. A teeny shoppie and tiny shopkin are much included in their new home around your neck. They’re easily mobile and have easy access. Once you are finished playing you can clean up quickly and wear it as a fashionable necklace. I wish I had the room and world hidden inside your necklace.

What do you say? Are you ready to crack the code to your new world?

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