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Review: ShopKins Happy Places

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ShopKins just took on a whole new level with the ShopKins Happy Places.

ShopKins has become a must in any girls room.  With a brand that started off with cute little collectables, we not only have a larger range to choose from like making your own TopKins, but now they have introduced PetKins as well as doll figurines called Popette.

So what is inside the Happy Places Playhouse? 


1 Lil’ Shoppie

1 Doll stand

1 Large PetKin

2 Medium PetKins

3 Small PetKins

3 Mini PetKins

This smaller range of super cute furniture for your PetKin makes playing in Happyville FUN!

Not only do you have a bathroom, bedroom and living area but a kitchen as well.  We found the product easy to setup and had loads of fun moving into the Happy Home filling our rooms up with all our ShopKins and PetKin’s along the way.

Certainly the best part is that there are extensions for your Happy Places Home.  One is able to purchase tiles and grow your Happy Home into the dream home.  And whilst this ShopKins Happy Places home is recommended for ages 5 and up…. any little girl will continue to play and extend their home for years to come.

Also featured in this range you can purchase the Happy Places ShopKins Party Studio, we feel a new village starting and you can increase your range by purchasing the Welcome Pack, the 2 Pack, ShopKins Doll and ShopKins Decorator.

We simply cannot wait to find a limited addition PetKin for our range and we just know we will have fun along the way!

For more information visit www.primatoys.co.za

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