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Review: Philips Avent Reusable Breast Pads & Shells

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We sent the Philips Avent Reusable Breast Pads & to our fan Katherine to test out for us. Here is what Katherine had to say about her experience with these two products.

When my beautiful baby girl arrived, I was determined to breast feed, but, as many new moms will agree, it was far more complicated than I expected.

I was fortunate to have a good milk supply, but needed to take precaution at first against leakages. As I purchased the Avent dual mechanical breast pump and nipple shields, using other items in the Avent range were ideal for me. I decided on Avent reusable breast pads as they are more environmentally friendly but found I also needed some disposable pads as a backup.

The reusable breast pads require extra care in cleaning but after a first wash I found them more gentle on my nipples in those early days. The lack of adhesion on the reusable pads meant I had to be careful in positioning them in my bra, but they generally stayed in place. It would be helpful if they had a slight curve in the absence of the adhesive tape.
They are a big bulky under a thinner bra, but were fine for me under my nursing tops which are double layered.

I also used the Avent shells which collects milk. I didn’t use the milk collected for feeding because it wasn’t needed, but I did feel more secure as the shells offer more protection against leaking. However, they are very bulky in a bra. The best part of the shells is the protection offered in creating a air buffer between breast and bra, giving painful nipples some times to heal.


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