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Review: Parent Magic

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With so many parenting books on the market, we often don’t know which one to choose.  The world we live in today provides a wealth of information, however we don’t always know who to trust for our information.

We were sent the Parent Magic book out of the range of Raising Kids Positively by Carol Surya.  Now you may remember we reviewed her board game as well.  This book however provides great insight into reinforcing your child as a happy and confident one.  Carol Surya is a psychologist that simply takes parenting to the next level.
Learning how to communicate and discipline your child without destroying their confidence I think is any parents dream.  The book starts off tackling how you can build a secure foundation for your child, one moves through this journey to learn how to be more involved as a parent.  I think that is something that every parent battles with.  We all lead such busy lives these days that being involved in your child’s life sometimes come second.  I certainly realised that there are easy ways to be more communicative with my children and at the same time that I could be more involved if  I applied some simple steps.
Now this is a hard one for me.  You see, I have 5 children and run a business which does not leave much time to always communicate. I am sometimes one of those mothers that get caught in a rut and simply go through the motions of life and parenting. That was not my dream as a mother but rather just life that flung me in that direction.  Carol Surya helped me to get closer to my children in the simplest of ways. More importantly I understood that there was room for improvement that would help me feel more confident as a mother and my children feel more confident as children.
We often forget that our children have feelings as well and that those feelings need to be acknowledged and that I as the parent need to address the root of the problem.  I certainly felt that our lives improved after myself  read this book and applied her teachings to our parenting.
For more information please I urge you to check our her website at and get your hands on a copy today – you certainly won’t regret it
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