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Review: Oh So Crafty

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Oh so crafty has brought upon the newest and improved form of art for children, diamond painting!

Diamond painting is as easy as sand art. There’s sticky fun of matching shapes and colors to make up a complete picture. There are little patterns and numbers for every different colour to follow. It’s as easy as that.

Diamond painting has the same benefits as puzzle building.
This product helps develop emotional skills, such as the ability to learn patience and to be rewarded when they complete the puzzle.

This product helps grow physical skills, such as hand-eye coordination. You will develop a relationship between what they see, hand movement and the brain relates to this information.

This product was a lot of fun to make according to children, tweens, teens and even adults. This product is highly recommended from all age groups.

Certainly the best boredom reliever on the market right now! Get your own at

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