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Review: The Num Noms Art Cart

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Who knew that art could be made to be so fun. The Num Noms Art Cart is really one of the most fun items we have played with yet with every aspect of the cart having a function or purpose… you certainly wont be sorry if you purchase this item for your little girl this Christmas.

From hidden stencils, erasers, pencils, storages, stamps and a play store we created the most amazing doodles with our kids. Best of all is that you can purchase accessories as well. We were sent through the Mystery pack which either includes a lipgloss or stamp, we had so much fun and did I mention that everything smells so beautiful as well? There are over 5000 mix and match combo’s to be bought which should keep your little one entertained for hours.

The Single Num Noms Range includes sets for (there are around 9 Num Noms in each set):

  • Brunch Nums
  • Pizza Nums
  • Dinner Food Nums
  • Sushi Nums
  • Freeze Pop Nums
  • Fair Food Nums
  • Ice Cream Nums
  • Cupcake Nums
  • Jelly Bean Nums
  • Stamp-it Nums
  • Go-Go Noms
  • Gloss-Up Noms
  • Erase-it Noms

Visit this link for more information on this range – you wont be sorry that you did http://www.primatoys.co.za/num-noms

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