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Review: Monopoly Junior Playing Cards

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The best Monopoly for your child is right here!

It is a simple game to play and even better, there is a Shufflecards app for the quickstart video or you are able to read the ‘how to play’. The Shufflecards app is a great way to play. It plays along with the players and you interact with the game even more. Instructions are there for any confusion and are loads of fun!

I found that this game was a lot simpler than a board game for young children. This game is a lot more creative and super fun to play. It’s a challenge for the little kids but you’re able to win! I’d love to own a Pizza House, a skate park and every one of those cute shops if I could.

In conclusion, this game is perfect for your little ones, even the artwork will leave you hungry. You are guaranteed to have loads of fun. Ages four and up are able to play and adult supervision is advised. I highly recommend this product to anyone with kids and to anyone who would like an easy game to have fun with. Enjoy your Monopoly Junior!

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