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For the last three years, I have been so fortunate to be receiving a momdiary.  This is probably one of the most beautiful and helpful gifts I’ve ever received!

The colours and design for 2019 are just magical!  With a beautiful sun motif embossed on the cover of these brightly chosen colours, MOM Diary certainly has created a great diary for a ‘year to shine.’

As always, there’s an inspirational message from the MOM Diary team as well as emergency telephone numbers, place for emergency contact details and personal details. MOM Diaryalso gives you public holidays, special days and school term dates.

Whilst planning a whole year in advance could seem quite daunting, momdiary has created a year planner that is both simple to follow, and of course is great to have available particularly towards the end of the year, when events for the following year start creeping into your life.

There’s handy information right at your fingertips especially when you need those all important details for completing forms, or even if in the unfortunate event of your handbag or purse being stolen.  Within this space, you’re able to record all those details such as medical aid numbers and the like, and have them available any time you need them.

MOM Diary also encourages you to set goals and has a monthly to do list as well as a month at a glance planner.  Then to help you along this journey, there’s weekly words of wisdom that I find very inspirational.

Each day is broken up into various sections.  There’s a section for important numbers, dates and reminders, as well as a family social section. My goals and personal wellbeing section and today I am grateful for…which helps you to find something positive in your life every day and keep you focused on the beauty that surrounds you.

I personally think that MOM Diary has thought of everything including simple easy to make recipes using ingredients that you already have at home.  No need to still go out and purchase expensive ingredients!  There’s an extra-mural planning section that is really helpful for all moms who know what it’s like to chauffeur children around every day.  Included as well, is some basic first aid tips and a monthly cashflow planner helping you to stick to your monthly budget.

The beauty of MOM Diary is that you are able to use just one diary to plan and keep track of your entire year.  I’m excited about the new feature for 2019 which is a fun to use bullet journal that includes many different ideas to track and list.  Some of these are my bucket list, my personal wish list and gift ideas.  Users of MOM Diary are even invited to share these ideas within the MOM Diary community – what a great way to collaborate!

Thank you momdiary for thinking of everything that we need in just one handy and really beautiful diary.

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