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Review: Mila’s Meals Recipe Book

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The whole experience with Mila’s Meals has been one that we enjoyed. From the moment our parcel arrive delightfully wrapped with popcorn around it, we knew that this would be a good one.

It is not often that one stumbles onto a recipe book that tailors for the whole family… and in our family we have a lot of diary requirements to consider. From the diabetics to the gluten intolerant… meals can be  challenging in our household.

The author Catherine Barnhoorn has really made every effort with every recipe being considered for the South African family. From food myths, preparation and a healthy love for food, you will be inspired at every meal.

Without a doubt we as parents are incredibly busy, so having easy to do recipes on hand is a must in any household, never mind learning how to make in bulk and freeze for convenience.

Mom’s if you are about to introduce solids to your baby, there are amazing charts in the Mila’s Meals Recipe Book, that will guide you through the introduction of particular foods.  And… for the fussy eaters, we loved the way that Catherine found  creative ways to disguise vegetables in foods and still keep their delicious taste, ensuring that our little one’s receive all the nutrients that they need.

This book could certainly become a new must for parents and should be on every gift list imaginable.

Thank you Catherine for our copy, it certainly will be used in the years to come.

You can purchase your copy at www.milasmeals.co.za

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